During every general session we’ll be running Dodgeball games which are open for everyone to join in with. Yes you heard right, Dodgeball on trampolines… sweeeeet! Not played Dodgeball before? …no worries, it’s awesome fun and really easy to participate in. It involves throwing foam balls at the opposition team, if you’re hit by a ball you’re out. It’s that simple…last team or person standing wins.

Also available at Leap

Little Leapers

Megazone Hamilton

Check out our glow-in-the-dark Laser Tag arena where you can unleash your InfraRed fury, stalk your mates and other unsuspecting victims during a variety of games designed to keep you buzzing laser style.


It is party time at Leap and Megazone! We would like your Birthday Boy or Girl to have an AMAZING Birthday Celebration with us!


Large inflatable slide for kids under five, plus huge inflatable boot-camp style obstacle courses for adults and kids.

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