Trampoline Park

Our main LEAPing area has a variety of interconnecting trampolines - this includes side trampolines - for you to bounce over, across, around, along and onto. There are boxes and a wall to challenge our more experienced LEAPers. Try our awesome basketball areas where you can show off your skills 'LEAP' style! Please Note: GRIP SOCKS ARE COMPULSORY ON OUR TRAMPOLINES.


In this ultimate trampoline game, teams line up and compete, while jumping on the trampolines and throwing large soft balls at each other to eliminate the opposing team.
Take advantage of this prime opportunity for your competitive side to shine, so it is definitely not just for kids. LEAP runs dodgeball tournaments for corporate and adults to have some fun.


Would you like to practice your flips? Give it a go by using LEAP’s air bag – take a running LEAP onto our air bag and show everyone your moves. Make use of our 6 meter waterfall trampoline and raised platform to widen your LEAPing experience. Please remember that trampolining is an extreme sport - LEAP within your own ability.

Stunt Bag

Come and test your skills on our awesome basketball hoops. Give yourself a challenge and try out our high flying hoop!

Hoop That

Also Available at Leap

Megazone Hamilton

Check out our glow-in-the-dark Laser Tag arena where you can unleash your InfraRed fury, play against your mates and other unsuspecting victims during a variety of games designed to keep you buzzing laser style.

Trampoline Park

Our main LEAPing areas have heaps of interconnecting trampolines including side tramps, for you to bounce over, across, around, along and onto.

The Trap

Why not have a go at our amazing Laser Trap – the newest laser game on the block

Deals for Leap Lovers

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Wednesday Discount From 4pm $12.50 SESSIONS!!

Come along and LEAP with us from 4pm for only $12.50 an hour!

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Friday Family Fun Passes

From 4pm Friday come in and grab yourself one or both of our Family Fun Discount Passes. Leap or Laser Tag, it's fun for the whole family!

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